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At Copper Creek Orthodontics, your orthodontist in SE Portland, our team takes pride in handling all the details. From getting the most out of your insurance policy and creating affordable payment plans to scheduling convenient appointments, we make it easy to fit treatment at Copper Creek Orthodontics into your busy life!

Sandra, Office Manager

SandraX015-2 copySandra is our front office team leader and makes sure everything always runs smoothly! She goes the extra mile to help you with billing, insurance, scheduling an appointment and just about anything else. Sandra loves helping people get results that exceed their expectations and watching patients gain the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

Sandra’s favorite thing about working at Copper Creek Orthodontics is visiting with new patients and catching up with previous patients. Sandra spends her free time playing outside with her family and especially her two adorable grandchildren!

In one word describe yourself: Helpful
Favorite food: Coffee…does that count as food?!
Hobbies: Travel, hiking, and camping
Most people don’t know this about me but: I get into my jammies as soon as I get home from work
To me giving someone a beautiful smile is: Rewarding, it makes me happy!!

Megan, Lead Orthodontic Assistant

MeganX057-2Megan is our team leader in the back office. She coordinates our daily flow, making sure each of your appointments is on time, productive, and fun! She assists Dr. Seth in placing braces, making adjustments, and removing braces.

Megan’s favorite part of working at Copper Creek Orthodontics is the reaction when people get their braces off – they always have huge smiles on their faces! She also loves talking to patients and making personal connections. Away from work, Megan enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband, barbecuing in the back yard.

In one word describe yourself: Super-Nice!
Hobbies: Planning birthday parties, eating, competitive backyard badminton
3 things that make you smile: My husband Brenton, daughter Harper, and a baby boy on the way!!!
Favorite sports team: Minnesota Vikings by marriage (:
To me giving someone a beautiful smiles is: Spectacular, knowing I helped someone smile!

Heidi, Financial Coordinator

Heidi works with our insurance & billing needs.

Favorite part of working at Copper Creek: Meeting new patients and working with the fun staff & Dr.
What do you do outside the office?: Spend time with my husband Lyle, daughter Chelsea, son Andy, and his fiance Hayley. I enjoy a hard crossfit workout, hiking, camping, & taking vacations!
In one word describe yourself: Sarcastic 🙂
Three things that make you smile: Palm Trees, sunshine, & my family

Jenny, Treatment Coordinator

With over 30 years in the orthodontic field, Jenny understands braces. Jenny coordinates your first visit to our office, helps you understand you and the treatment Dr. Senestraro has recommended for you, and she also takes care of all of the details; making getting braces easy!

Favorite part of working at Copper Creek: Being a part of an entire team whose day begins and ends with providing our patients the very best in orthodontic care.
Hobbies: Jazzercise! A good hike in the forest and when I can fit it in – a good book. 🙂
In two words, describe yourself: Enthusiastic & Empathetic
Three things that make you smile: My childrens’ smiles, my husband’s smile, & my Australian shepherd’s kisses

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